Super Summer Alabama

July 8-12, 2024

During camp, participants are not allowed to leave campus, even as a church group,
unless they have a permission slip from home for Brown or Purple School activities.

Additional Things to Know

Schedule Coming Soon!

Executive Staff & College Team Leader Training

4:30 PM       Executive Staff Check-In (Library) – Denis will get dorm keys at this time
5:15 PM       Deans, Associate Deans, TL & TLC Check-In
7:30 PM       Executive, TL & TLC Training
9:00 PM       Worship/Prayer Service
10:00 PM     Final Prep in Schools
11:00 PM     Back to Dorm Rooms
11:30 PM     Lights Out

7:30 AM       Breakfast on your own (Bring your own $)
8:00 AM       Devotion by Schools
8:30 AM       Meet by Schools
11:00 AM     Connect Consecration Service
11:30 AM     Lunch on your own (Bring your own $)
2:30 PM        Be at Registration Site

3:00 PM              Registration Begins
4:30 PM              Registration Ends
5:00 PM              Dinner
6:15 PM              Worship
7:30 PM              Meet by Schools
8:00 PM              Youth Leader Group Meeting
9:00 PM              Church Groups
11:30 PM            Dorm Prayer Group
11:55 PM            LIGHTS OUT

7:00 AM       Quiet Time
7:30 AM       Breakfast

8:30 AM       Morning Celebration
9:00 AM       Dismiss to Schools
11:00 AM     Lunch
12:30 PM     Meet by Schools
2:00 PM        Free Time
                       Wednesday, Call to Ministry Session @ Student Center
                       Thursday, Recent High School Grads meet our Alabama Baptist Campus Ministers @ Student Center
5:00 PM        Dinner
6:00 PM        Meet by Schools
7:30 PM        Worship
9:00 PM        Church Group Devotions
11:30 PM      Dorm Prayer Group
11:55 PM      LIGHTS OUT

7:30 AM        Load-up/Check Out – Room Check
8:00 AM        Breakfast
9:00 AM        Meet by Schools
10:15 AM      Closing Celebration 
11:00 AM      Depart Campus

Executive Staff & College Team Leader Training

2:00PM       Executive Staff Check-In
2:30PM       Check in to Dorms/Executive Staff Meeting
3:00PM       Deans, Associate Deans, TLC Meeting
3:30PM       TL Check-In
9:00PM       CONNECT Worship

1:30PM     At Check-in Booths
4:00-5:00 PM   Check-in Begins

4:00-5:00 PM   Check-in Begins

10:15             Closing Celebration 
11:00             Depart Campus