Super Summer is not your typical summer camp for several reasons. One is that students spend hours in their schools learning about things such as theology, spiritual disciplines, missiology, apologetics, and more. Students spend more time in their schools learning than they spend doing other activities, unlike many other summer camps. Another is that at Super Summer, students come expecting to see God move and work in their lives. When like-minded Christian brothers and sisters come together to learn, study, and grow in their faith, the Lord is sure to move!

Students are divided into groups called schools based on their grade and how many years they’ve attended Super Summer. Each school is color coded. The schools are divided as follows:

  • Red School – First Year 8th Grade
  • Orange School – First Year 9th and 10th Grade
  • Blue School – First Year 11th and 12th Grade
  • Green School – Second Year 9th and 10th Grade
  • Yellow School – Second Year 11th and 12th Grade
  • Silver School – Third Year 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade
  • Brown School – Fourth Year 11th and 12th Grade
  • Purple School – Fifth Year 12th Grade

You should send your students to Super Summer because the Lord changes lives at Super Summer. Super Summer is where students begin to dig deeper in the word of God and own their faith. It is a place where they are not only discipled but challenged to go out and make disciples. Send your student’s to Super Summer because you want them to be encouraged and challenged by other believers. At Super Summer we believe in living out Proverbs 27:17, which says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

To secure space for your youth group, go to Register and then click on “Group Registration.” Fill out that form and a confirmation email will be sent to you. You can find step by step instructions on how to register by clicking on Register at the top of the page.

Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations but can be transferred to another student in your group until June 8th. We regret that we cannot refund or transfer your payment after June 8th.

Super Summer takes the special needs of students and adults very seriously. Meeting your needs and setting up your group for a great week of camp is important to us. If one of your students or adult chaperones has a special need that should be handled before camp starts, please contact Denis Tanner at 205-531-7361 or [email protected] and share that with him so we can do our best to accommodate you!

The rule of thumb is if you’re not sure if you should wear it then go with something else. We are Christ’s ambassadors and strive to present ourselves as such!

A full guide to dress code is provided in PDF form below.


A full guide of what to bring (or not to bring) is provided below.


Super Summer is meant to be a leadership camp. Due to the amount of in-class time and the depth of the material, it is generally for those who are more spiritually and mentally mature. For that reason, there are some suggested requirements to help you determine what students should come to Super Summer.

We suggest that each student:

  • Share the gospel with at least one person
  • Be faithfully involved in their church
  • Share their testimony
  • Actively study the bible and pray (journaling is a great way to do this)
  • Memorize Scripture
  • Overall, demonstrate leadership qualities and be a growing Christian

NOTE: These are simply suggestions as we are aware that each group and student is different. It is up to you as their youth pastor to hold them accountable and choose who should and should not be at this camp.

Attached is a PDF version of our suggested requirements along with suggested scripture memorization for each year.


TL stands for Team Leader. A Team Leader is a college age person who leads a small group of around 8 students throughout the week. It is a TL’s job to lead small group discussion, get to know their group on a deeper level, encourage and disciple students throughout the week and so much more! 

In addition to leading small group discussion during the day, small group leaders will be responsible for having “hall time” with students staying in the same dorm as them. This is a time to invite students to share what they’ve learned, how God is speaking to them, and what is heavy on their hearts.

TL’s have one of the most important jobs at Super Summer. TL’s get to spend more personal time with their students than anyone else on campus. This means that they have the unique ability to minister to, encourage, challenge, and teach students in a way that their deans and youth pastors may not. 

The Executive Staff includes the Camp Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, Program Director, Media Director, as well as the Deans and Associate Deans for each school. 

Adults are encouraged to visit students in each school throughout the day. Also, each morning during camp, we will host an adult leaders bible study to encourage, challenge, and shape your leadership in youth ministry.